This page can help you tidy up your role-playing logs before sharing them with friends or posting them publicly. It removes text that is not clearly part of your role-play session, and then tidies up what remains.

Step 1

Your log can either be an HTML or plain text file. Make any OOC corrections to IC poses before you begin, or select the following option if want to do this after scrubbing.


Peter asks, "Can hear their song?"

OOC> Peter says, "Can you hear*"

Step 2
Pick your log file:

If you like, you can also provide the following information now in order to use proper names for your character as well as for @FENI characters that you don't yet recognize.

Your character's name:  
Name@FENI Description

Choose what to scrub

Step 3
Read over the scrubbed log and make any final tweaks. If you have any problems or suggestions, especially with new features, please pmail Glyn on NarniaMUCK. Feedback is fabulous!